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About Sapwood Soapery

A Sapwood Story

What is Sapwood?

Sapwood, also called alburnum, is the outer, living layers of the secondary wood of trees. These layers engage in the transport of water and minerals to the crown of the tree.

Hi, I'm Megan , Owner and Creator at Sapwood Soapery LLC, located in Olympia, Washington within the beautiful Pacific Northwest. Sapwood Soapery believes that as the sapwood layers of a tree bring nourishment through the whole tree to the very top, our products bring nourishment to the body and mind. Sapwood Soapery is founded in bringing clean, natural ingredients in the form of soaps and candles. I care about what goes in my body and what goes on my body. I make each bar of soap, scrub and candle with care in mind for the user. Quality, reliability, and honesty. Thank you for letting me have the opportunity to share with you these creations.

This company began by watching a Youtube video. At the beginning of February 2020, my sister, Katie, shared with me a video from Royalty Soaps, there was a Katie there too, a Katie Carson. Watching a highly skilled soap maker was fascinating and I was hooked. It seemed like something that would be creative, safe and doable. I started with tutorials for Melt & Pour soap making.**BONUS**Melt and Pour is KID SAFE! My son and I have artsy time making soaps together. I loved creating beautiful patterns paired with lovely aromas. Within four months I was ready to move onto Cold Process soap making (my passion). I had a lot of help and inspiration from other seasoned soap makers. Anne Marie Faiola, (, with her many books & how to videos. As well as Katie Carson, (, with her pure joyful enthusiasm and soap making classes. I was ready to make Cold Process soap and try a lye solution (duh duh duhhhhhhh.... terrifying at the time). Success! I am fully in with soap making and decided I would start my small business. The quality of ingredients is so important to me and in the forefront of how I choose to run my business.

Whipped Soap Sugar Scrubs & Candle making followed about a year later. Holly, from Missouri River Soap (, generously shared her recipe for the scrubs that I use. I love the warming light from a burning candle . I have used two different types of waxes to make candles, 100% Soy Wax and 100% Beeswax.

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Sapwood Soapery